Webinar 1: Tools for Remote Working and Collaboration

Webinar 1: Tools for Remote Working and Collaboration

Collaboration and Communication are the lifeblood of a business – with this in mind, this weeks webinar was designed to try and equip teams of different sizes and requirements with a number of tools to try and help them make the most of remote working.

The nature of home working presents a range of different challenges for businesses; from keeping in touch with their teams and their customers to keeping projects moving along while teams are spread around their various home offices.

This past Friday then, we ran our first webinar for the Nene Valley team via Zoom to try and provide some support to businesses across the Nene Valley come to terms with these challenges for the first time.

This weeks opening webinar broke some of these tools down into two main areas;

  1. Tools for Communication; including a range of options for video calling in groups of varying size, as well as a look at a couple of really useful tools for communicating with in bound leads and existing stakeholders as well.
  2. Tools for Collaboration; Different teams have different requirements so we looked at a few options for project management – including our personal favourite Asana – as well as some options for teams to collaborate remotely on things like social media management as well as a reminder of some of the excellent free tools for businesses to make use of via Google.

As ever, these sessions – much like the real life sessions we have run for the Nene Valley team in real life, are designed to be a bit of a grab bag for teams and individuals of different levels to explore and make use of. All of the tools and packages that we mention in these slides are available to try for free (many of them do offer paid upgrades or additional user levels though should you find one that is particularly useful.

You can download the slides from this weeks presentation here.

Moving forward….

Next week – webinar 2 – which takes place at 12 noon on Friday April 24th – is the first in a two part series entitled Introduction to Digital Marketing in 2020. This two part webinar will look in the wider sense at some of the prevailing trends and movements in Digital Marketing, before part 2 the following week looks at some more specific strategies for working within this playing field in light of the current Corona lockdown.

To find details of all of our upcoming webinars be sure to check here for upcoming dates and to book your place on any of these sessions, please be sure to email Karen Williams at East Northamptonshire Council – kwilliams@east-northamptonshire.gov.uk.