The Lily Pad Cottages

As you may have noticed elsewhere on the blog of late, we’ve been taking a few trips recently up to Nassington to work with our new friends at the Lily Pad Cottages.

The guys have a number of beautiful self catering cottages in the Northamptonshire countryside, and Jane approached us at the start of the summer to enlist our services in getting their online game back to its best.

To begin with, we have been spending some time each month delivering onsite training to get the team up to speed on a new social network. We know that sometimes – especially when it comes to things like social media and digital marketing in general – that too much information can be a lot to deal with. By checking in each month and giving the guys a new set of skills each time, we can help them to develop their social media footprint at their own speed. Check out what they are up to already over on Instagram and Twitter.

Meantime, while the team have been getting to grips with hashtags and a whole new world of social media, we’ve been hard at work looking at the rest of the Cottages footprint online.

So far this has included taking ownership of the guys’ Google Listing (often overlooked by small businesses), giving the TripAdvisor and AirBnB profiles a facelift (making sure that the listings all feature new photographs and details of all the new amenities onsite) as well as looking at the imagery and content within the website and how we can give it a bit of a refresh.

We even got lucky and found ourselves with the rarest of things – a beautiful sunny day when it came time to get the camera out and take some great new photos of the property!

The next part of our work will see us undertaking an outreach campaign with travel bloggers, local website providers and other key partners to help raise the cottages profile – both locally as well as online.

This kind of tailored approach is one that is very popular with our SME clients, as many will come to us with a laundry list of requirements in the digital / creative sphere with no idea how to get them checked off the to-do list.

by putting together a program of work over a number of months, we are able to offer a flexible, responsive solution to small businesses in a cost efficient manner. Talk to us today about your requirements for anything digital / creative!