Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop for DNV

Well we had a lot of fun this morning in Thrapston, with a group of businesses from the Nene Valley region who joined us for a workshop around building a sound digital strategy.

The morning covered quite a lot of ground from the principles of a sound digital strategy through to tips and tools for making the most of online activity. Hopefully folks left with at least one or two good ideas to put to the test when they get back to their desks this afternoon!

You can download the presentation from this mornings event by submitting your email address in the short form below (just like we talked about this morning guys!) so we hope some of you guys find this useful.

In the meantime, we thank the team at DNV and East Northamptonshire Council for their hospitality this morning and for looking after us. Really hope to be back in the Nene Valley soon for some more fun like this morning!

In the meantime heres some links to some of the tools and resources I mentioned:

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Reasons to love WordPress #32,765…

Another week goes by, another website goes live for a small client built in WordPress. This particular project was one that we were keen to deliver on a super tight timeline as the client had already built half a site over a protracted period and wanted to move on.

In a situation like this WordPress is such a perfect solution for a whole number of reasons including

  1. Its really cost efficient. Sites can be delivered on incredibly low budgets utilising a wealth of open source templates, plugins and pieces of functionality.
  2. Sites can be built really quickly. This particular site took less than three days to build in total with even more complex builds with e-commerce solutions and the like taking a surprisingly short amount of time to turnaround.
  3. Its really stable. WordPress powers some 25-30% of the total number of websites on the internet. Let that sink in a moment, because thats an insane amount of websites. That hasn’t happened by accident – its because WordPress is a responsive, constantly improving beast that offers a really flexible sandbox to build in.
  4. No more hidden costs to “make the mobile version once we’ve finished”. Building on WordPress enables us to ensure all of our sites are mobile responsive from the get go.
  5. Its easy to manage. Crucially – its easy for clients to manage and maintain moving forward. Theres no point developing a beautiful looking website with a myriad of functionality if the users that will be managing the site can’t understand it. WordPress offers straightforward, intuitive content management options for even users with knowledge of coding or html.

To find out more about what can be achieved using this powerful web publishing platform, contact us today or see examples of our work here.

Featured Project: WS Holmes

Being a small business ourselves, theres nothing we love more than helping other small businesses help to achieve their ambitions. Just such a project came our way recently when we began working with the team at WS Holmes. 

WS Holmes are a new specialist cleaning company in Northampton who offer gutter cleaning and other specialist cleaning services. Business Director Wayne was looking for a couple of very important items for a small business – a website to advertise his services and some cards to hand out to new and potential clients. 

When it comes to building websites, we specialise in working with WordPress – a really popular and very easy to use content management system that offers users on a budget a way of creating great looking websites with all kinds of functionality built in, for a fraction of a bespoke site being built from the ground up. 


Working with Wayne we were able to very quickly put together a simple site that looked great on mobile devices as well as laptops and desktops (all of our wordpress sites are mobile responsive as standard, at no extra cost). Wayne was very happy with the results and was even happier to find out how easy the website was to update and manage when we delivered his free training. 

Making sure that users are comfortable with their new website is a crucial part of the whole process for us, one of the things we really wanted to do when we set out on this journey was to help empower businesses to begin taking control of their online activity and we would be failing in that if we delivered a website that was complete impossible to manage and update.

Find out more about WS Holmes by visiting their website here.

To finish the job we also delivered a nice glossy set of business cards printed on a heavy duty board to give them a really firm, robust finish and Wayne was very happy with how the various projects all turned out. 

In the meantime, you can find other examples of our work by clicking over here.