Nene Valley Festival Podcast

Nene Valley Festival Podcast

As we’ve posted about a couple of times over the recent weeks and months (and posted about plenty on social media) we’ve been really excited to be working on a new podcast recently for the team at Destination Nene Valley.

Every year, the team at DNV put on the Nene Valley Festival and we were honoured to be bought on board this year to assist with the social media element of the festival.

As well as the usual Facebook / Twitter and other activity around the festival (and the curation of a dedicated festival blog for the first time to bring the festival to life in a little more detail) we were also very excited that the team were keen to go forward with our idea for a festival podcast.

As we’ve noted elsewhere on the blog before (including in our recent bootcamp post on the subject) podcasts are a wonderful medium – for one reason, because they are such a flexible medium to work within. Our favourite thing about them is the way you can use an audio format to share different stories and that flexibility was perfect for telling the story of this years festival – where there was such a wide range of subject matter and events to discuss and cover.

Working with the team at DNV, we quickly devised a format for each show – that balanced pushing some of the key messaging from the organising team, as well as behind the scenes style content that bought the festival to life from the inside – mixed with interviews with the key figures behind the festival and some of the key events taking place across the next few weeks.

Each episode ranged in length from 15 minutes to 40 (depending on the conversation) and was designed to be a conversational, easy to listen to podcast with lots of interesting tit-bits of information from across the various themes of the Nene Valley – from heritage, to the arts, to nature and conservation.

Why not check out a recent episode of the podcast featuring an episode with James Dacre from the Royal & Derngate theatres in Northampton below:

In the meantime, to talk to us about podcasting – and how you might be able to make use of it in your own business, be sure to get in touch and talk to us today!

A Month in the Life…

Well it’s been a hectic summer so far at SVC HQ with all kinds of projects kicking off and gearing up nicely…

Firstly – as you can see above, we’ve been taking advantage of the summer sunshine to help our friends at Canoe2 get the most out of the summer months. This year has been the guys’ busiest yet with visitors all over the Boathouse shop every day of the summer holidays. We’ve been hard at work keeping the guys stocked with fresh social media and email goodness, as well as planning for their big charity event with Spurgeons later in the summer as well.

Next, we’ve been hard at work with our friends at SpaceVac supporting the launch of a whole range of new distributors around the world as they continue their quest for global domination. This month we’ve been working on a range of marketing materials to support these companies in countries like Brazil, Slovakia, Lithuania and Austria in this month alone.

Meanwhile, as we start working on a number of retail and merchandising projects in the run up to Ch******s (which we still can’t bring ourselve. In addition we’ve also been hard at work finishing up some new projects with the guys at the Northamptonshire Logistics Forum as they gear up for the release of the new SEATS guidance later this month, helping to standardise quality and safety levels among temporary drivers.

It’s a really interesting project working a whole range of partners to create a range of engaging online and offline materials to support the rollout of the campaign across Northants – and hopefully further afield in the future.

All told between all of the above and criss-crossing the county recording content for the Nene Valley Festival Podcast, (the fifth episode of which just went live!) its been an absolutely crazy few weeks!

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