Book Design: SEATS

A sneak peek of a project we’ve been working on for a number of months here in Northamptonshire – a book design project for the Northamptonshire Logistics Forum.

The aim of this project is to bring to life the work that the forum have been doing of late, developing a standardised code of safety and conduct for drivers, agencies and end users within the Northants Supply Chain.

Our role in the project is to now take that work, and put together not only a web portal that houses the content and guides users through the whole process, but also to design a book that put the work across in an engaging, easy to digest format.

We’re really excited with how with the project has come together (not least seeing the first deployment for the first time of the forums new modular logo that we recently designed for them!) and we will share more as the project launches publicly for the first time later this week at the next Northants Logistics Forum.

For now though – to talk to us about your own requirements for design, print, production or anything else creative – reach out and talk to us today!

Canoe2 Poster Boards

Canoe2 – Various

A couple of pieces of work we delivered this month for our friends at Canoe2.

We’ve  been working with the team at Canoe2 for a little while now, manning their blog and social media duties, as well as delivering email marketing campaigns and on occasion – some pieces of graphic design as well.

Recently the team came to us with a couple of small requests – the first being some new signage for use in their retail store at Rushden Lakes to highlight the gorgeous new Shepherds Hut the guys are now offering. (Which if you haven’t seen – is beautiful!)

Canoe2 LookbookOnce we’d completed that little project, we also delivered some new cookbooks for the team to showcase their stunning range of accommodation options for their guests. This was another really fun little project to get our teeth into, as we also got to spend a lovely day in the sunshine at the Barnwell campsite photographing all of the dwellings as well.

In the meantime – to talk to us about any requirements you might have for design or print materials – contact us today to see how we might be able to help!

Nene Valley Festival Podcast Launched

We mentioned on here a few weeks back that at So Very Creative we were very excited to be working with the team behind the Nene Valley Festival Project and we are super excited to share some news with you today!

In addition to manning social media duties and running a number of drop in sessions, in the run up to the festival – we are very excited to also be creating the first series of the Nene Valley Festival podcast!

Podcasting is a great way to tell stories – especially if you are looking for something a little more interesting than a tweet or a Facebook post – and we are really excited to be using the medium to tell the story of this years festival; giving a sneak peek at how the festival comes together each year and highlighting some of the key events and partners that are part of the festival this year.

We’ve been having a really interesting few weeks travelling up and down the river meeting lots of new people recording content for the new show and we are very happy to see the first episode go live this week.

Check out the first episode below and be sure to subscribe and follow for future episodes delivered right to you.

In the meantime you can also find out more about the festival by visiting the website at

Featured Project: NHS Apprenticeship Event

We’ve posted here on the blog before on the work we did last year for the NHS Apprenticeship team developing a new brand and set of materials for the team, so we were delighted to be asked back to design a number of items for the recent Apprenticeship Celebration Event that took place in Northampton a week or two back.

The project was a really interesting challenge and gave us the opportunity to work across a range of different areas.

The first area was the printed material required for the night. We worked up a range of tickets, fliers and the awards brochure itself making use of some beautiful card stocks and effective use of Spot UV finishing to give the finished products a real lift. Little flourishes like Spot UV – as well as other options like embossing or foiling – can provide stunning little details to pieces of work like this and we were really pleased with how this turned out.

In addition, we also provided a range of branded merchandise for the event including their awards – and even designed the certificates for awards finalists and a backdrop to photograph themselves against!

Its always fun watching a brand like this come to life across a range of mediums and by the event we were really happy with how it all came together.

If you’ve got an event or awards night coming up – talk to us to see how we could do something very creative for you too!

Featured Project: SSC Brochure Design

We thought we would share some little sneak peeks of a brochure design we’ve just finished putting together for SpaceVac Specialist Cleaning here in Northampton.

The company, which is a sister company of another client of ours SpaceVac, was looking a bright, impactful brochure to support the launch of its new cleaning division and were really happy with the results.

By opting for this banded approach across the cover, we are planning to utilising some great print finishes like Spot UV to really give the front cover some impact while the textural possibilities on the other sections should result in a gorgeous, tactile piece of print in the end.

We’ll share some photos when they come back from the Printers!


Featured Project: SpaceVac

SpaceVac are a manufacturer of high-level cleaning equipment based in Northampton UK. The company have been a long time client of So Very Creative and we take great pleasure in providing a range of services from marketing consultancy and event support, to website management and social media.

Another area we have worked in for the last few years has been giving SpaceVac a consistent brand identity across its web, print and other areas. This had especially proven to be an issue where international partners and companies had been given free license to do as they pleased!

Firstly, we worked with SpaceVac to identify the core elements of their existing branding that they liked and worked to update and develop them across a wide range of medium.

Once we had established this visual identity, we got to work deploying it across the companies website, printed literature, print adverts and more. We enclose a few examples here of how this work has shaped up over the last few months.

As the company has begun to expand worldwide, we have worked collaboratively with these new partners, to provide locally specific marketing assets all in line with the core SpaceVac branding.


Friday Freebie #6 – IFTTT

From time to time we like to take two minutes to share a range of free resources, tools and apps that we have come across in our day to day work and thought we’d share. We have received no incentive or request to do so – these are just some tools that we use that you might find useful this week we are featuring an app called IFTTT!

This week on the Friday Freebie slot we’ve got a really useful little tool that I recommend to clients time and time again (not least last week during our content marketing workshop with the Nene Valley team) for helping to make their digital marketing a little less of a daunting experience – IFTTT.

IFTTT is a really useful little app that has been knocking around my marketing stack for a long time now. To give it its full title – If This Then That – the app allows users to join up all of their digital services to create really useful and helpful little workflows.

These could be really simple little social media link ups such as

  • Auto-posting your Facebook posts to Twitter
  • Publishing Instagram photos as native photos within Twitter
  • Posting your Tumblr posts to Facebook and Pinterest

…all of which can help you to save hours over the space of a month by not having to republish your content to multiple platforms multiple times. By setting up the right chain of activity within the app (all of which is controlled by a series of really intuitive wizards) you can simplify all of your social media in a few minutes.

The range of possibilities afforded by the app though doesnt stop at social media – the app can also sync up with all kinds of really interesting web services on the backend as well and provide all kinds of other helpful things…

  • Maybe you want a tailored weather report based on the locations saved in your calendar for any given day?
  • Maybe you’d find it useful to have all of your Instagram photos save to a dropbox folder?
  • How helpful would it be if you could automatically collate all of your Google alerts into a handy to filter and navigate spreadsheet saved in your cloud storage folder of choice?!

Well all of these and an infinite amount of other possibilities are genuinely super easy to set up and get to grips with right now. Check it out in your app store of choice and see how you can start getting to grips with it! Alternatively you can find more information at

Let us know in the comments below how youve found new ways to use the app in your day to day work!

In the meantime to see how we can maybe help give you a few eureka moments of your own – get in touch with us today!

Friday Freebie #1 – Freedcamp

So we decided that this year we were going to set ourselves a number of resolutions for the business as well as some personal goals for the year ahead. These resolutions were a combination of some larger goals (hiring new staff) to small goals (mastering the new Instagram ads platform) and one of the resolutions we made was to share more here on the blog.

One of the ways we thought it might be useful to do that was to start a new weekly blog called the Friday Freebie. Here we thought we could share a little tip every Friday for a free new piece of software, browser plugin or some other little tool to help make your working life just a little bit easier!  Its important to note here – these aren’t PLUGS, we haven’t received any incentive to write about these products – these are all products that we genuinely use on a day to day basis that we think might be useful to our clients and visitors to the website.

This week to kick things off we thought we should share a little tool called Freedcamp that we’ve been using. Freedcamp is a really useful project management platform in the vein of a number of other similar platforms like Asana or even more comms based platforms like Slack.

Using Freedcamp enables you to set up project groups and subgroups, assign tasks to users, track progress, hold discussions, store files – all manner of really useful little tools. There are also other modules that you buy to upgrade the free version to a more bespoke, ‘pro’ tool.

We’ve been using the free version for about 6 months now (after trialling a number of different / similar platforms) and have found the system to be something of a godsend. Signup is quick and easy and we’ve been inviting our clients to join their project groups to keep them instantly apprised of progress and to enable them to have input to a project instantaneously.

All told – we can definitely recommend this as a really useful addition to a small office – its even more attractive when you find that they recently just launched a mobile app too to enable you to have the same range of actions and options direct from your mobile handset.

You can sign up and try the system over here.