Happy Birthday To Us!

We’re breaking out the streamers and balloons this morning at HQ as we celebrate our fourth birthday! 

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Christmas packaging, print and design services

Too Early to say Christmas?!

Well while we are still enjoying the last remnants of summer (and indeed hoping the weather stays fine for the upcoming Nene Valley Festival which we are working hard on right now along with our friends at Destination Nene Valley) we are also starting to look slightly further forward as well…

This week – scarily – saw us taking a number of meetings to move along projects for the 2019 Calendar year which will keep us nice and busy, but also of course before then we have to deal with Christmas.

It almost feels odd to even be typing the word so early in the year, but of course as anyone in retail or business knows – the next few months will fly by and so we are already getting to work helping a number of our clients with requirements for the festive season.

Our experience across the worlds of print and merchandise – as well as our extensive Graphic Design expertise – mean that we can easily offer our clients a range of solutions from Christmas cards and gift wrapping options, through to signage, packaging and point of sale material; We’re even designing a couple of 2019 Calendars right now to keep things interesting!

We pride ourselves on offering a cost effective solution for businesses and for those disorganised folks out there that haven’t been started thinking about Christmas yet – never fear – there’s still plenty of time to design and deliver your new materials in time for the big kick-off!

To talk to us about your own seasonal requirements, get in touch with us today!

A Month in the Life…

Well it’s been a hectic summer so far at SVC HQ with all kinds of projects kicking off and gearing up nicely…

Firstly – as you can see above, we’ve been taking advantage of the summer sunshine to help our friends at Canoe2 get the most out of the summer months. This year has been the guys’ busiest yet with visitors all over the Boathouse shop every day of the summer holidays. We’ve been hard at work keeping the guys stocked with fresh social media and email goodness, as well as planning for their big charity event with Spurgeons later in the summer as well.

Next, we’ve been hard at work with our friends at SpaceVac supporting the launch of a whole range of new distributors around the world as they continue their quest for global domination. This month we’ve been working on a range of marketing materials to support these companies in countries like Brazil, Slovakia, Lithuania and Austria in this month alone.

Meanwhile, as we start working on a number of retail and merchandising projects in the run up to Ch******s (which we still can’t bring ourselve. In addition we’ve also been hard at work finishing up some new projects with the guys at the Northamptonshire Logistics Forum as they gear up for the release of the new SEATS guidance later this month, helping to standardise quality and safety levels among temporary drivers.

It’s a really interesting project working a whole range of partners to create a range of engaging online and offline materials to support the rollout of the campaign across Northants – and hopefully further afield in the future.

All told between all of the above and criss-crossing the county recording content for the Nene Valley Festival Podcast, (the fifth episode of which just went live!) its been an absolutely crazy few weeks!

Keep up to date with everything we are up to by connecting with on social media (We live at @soverycreative everywhere!) or get in touch to see how we can do something very creative for you!

Nene Valley Festival Podcast Launched

We mentioned on here a few weeks back that at So Very Creative we were very excited to be working with the team behind the Nene Valley Festival Project and we are super excited to share some news with you today!

In addition to manning social media duties and running a number of drop in sessions, in the run up to the festival – we are very excited to also be creating the first series of the Nene Valley Festival podcast!

Podcasting is a great way to tell stories – especially if you are looking for something a little more interesting than a tweet or a Facebook post – and we are really excited to be using the medium to tell the story of this years festival; giving a sneak peek at how the festival comes together each year and highlighting some of the key events and partners that are part of the festival this year.

We’ve been having a really interesting few weeks travelling up and down the river meeting lots of new people recording content for the new show and we are very happy to see the first episode go live this week.

Check out the first episode below and be sure to subscribe and follow for future episodes delivered right to you.

In the meantime you can also find out more about the festival by visiting the website at nenevalley.net

Drop In Session @ ENC, Thrapston

So you might remember that we posted on here a week or two back on the work we are doing to help with the Nene Valley Festival this year…

This week, as part of our festival outreach, we will be taking part in a drop in session at East Northamptonshire Council with our colleagues from Destination Nene Valley. This free event will take place between 10am and 12pm on Thursday July 26th.

The purpose of the event is for partners, event organisers and businesses from across the Nene Valley to join us and find out a little more on what the festival has to offer this year and how partners can get involved to both help maximise their own exposure but also work with us to help make the festival as big a success as possible.

For more information on the drop-in session, please contact us or get in touch with Karen Williams at East Northamptonshire Council.

Please note if you are unable to join us for this session, the next date will be August 30th at



We are back in the office after a great week in Amsterdam last week with the team from SpaceVac International who were in town for the bi-annual interclean show at the RAI exhibition centre.

We were onsite for the week performing a number of roles for the team;

Firstly we arrived a couple of days ahead of the team to assemble the exhibition stand for the week and prepare the stand for the arrival of the sales team. Once the guys arrived onsite, we worked with the team throughout the week covering the event on social media as well as daily email marketing campaigns and other activities throughout the course of the week.

Events like this are a fairly regular occurrence for us at SVCHQ and we look after these large scale shows for a number of clients – taking responsibility and ownership of every aspect of the job from the logistics and preparation to assembly, marketing and merchandising.

The next event we are preparing for in the calendar takes place in Dallas later in the year – we are already hard at work preparing!

If you’ve got an event coming that you require support for in some way – maybe you need last minute merchandising or print assets, or maybe you need to outsource the project wholesale – contact us to talk to us about your requirements today!

Featured Project: SpaceVac USA

When we started working with SpaceVac a couple of years ago, one of the issues that they noted right off the bat, was that without a guiding hand in terms of marketing and branding worldwide, the companies distributors had fallen into a nasty habit of making it all up as they went along.

After working with the team to develop a brand identity and set of visual guidelines that the client loved, we have spent the last 12 months rolling these materials out across the companies estate of distributors worldwide.

Its a project that has presented a number of interesting challenges – between trying to copy-check brochures translated into Japanese, juggling a dozen different production deadlines at any one time and trying to strike a balance between producing materials that meet the needs of the local suppliers and partners as well as our client.

The most recent example of us delivering this kind of support has been the launch of SpaceVac in the United States – which as regular readers of the blog will know is how we ended up in Las Vegas last month.

In addition to providing hands on support and training on the ground to the team in terms of getting set up with marketing and social media activity around the product, we’ve also been hard at work working up a range of project videos, catalogues, brochures and more – including a brand new gorgeous WordPress-powered web solution to help bring the product to market in a sleek looking package. The highlight of the website for us, was a self serve area for distributors to log into and download marketing materials remotely – ensuring that all materials being used are on brand and approved at all times.

You can find some examples of the kind of work we’ve been doing below, or alternatively, get in touch to see how we might be able to assist you deal with these kinds of issues in your business!


Workshop Announced: Developing Engaging Content Strategies

We are super excited to announce that we are going to be holding another free marketing workshop for businesses across the Nene Valley.

We have run a couple of these sessions now with the team at East Northamptonshire Council and the Nene Valley project and they are always a really interesting mix of businesses from across the region.

Last time, we spent the morning in Thrapston learning about a whole world of new tools, apps and tricks to help businesses begin to generate more interesting and nicer looking content for their social media feeds (you can find a blog on the session over here). This time out, we are going to take that learning one step to further to begin thinking about how we can tie all of our online activity together in a more concerted, strategic way.

As usual, we aim to deliver these sessions in an informative, friendly way and send our businesses home at the end with a range of takeaways and ideas to get stuck into in their own businesses right away.

The session is taking place in Thrapston on November 23rd at the Council Chambers at East Northamptonshire Council from 10am and is completely free for businesses in the Nene Valley region.

For more information and to book your free place – please head on over to the event page here.

Workshop for Nene Valley Businesses

So we are very pleased to announce a very special event that we are collaborating on with the Destination Nene Valley team. 

This free event will be running on May 18th at the East Northamptonshire Council building in Thrapston, East Northamptonshire and will be open to businesses in the Nene Valley region.

During the course of a 2 hour workshop, attendees will create interesting and engaging content for their individual social media channels. The sessions will enable attendees to create video assets and get started with live streaming via platforms such as Facebook Live, Twitter / Periscope and creating effective graphics and animation. 

We are hoping to have a really interactive, hands-on experience for attendees and you can find more information and book you place by clicking over to the eventbrite page now.