A Month in the Life: September

Well – September has proven to be another extremely busy month for the team here at SVCHQ as our clients continue to call on us for support across a wide range of events this month… 

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Taking the Headaches out of Events…

Well here at SVCHQ, in addition to gearing up for a very busy end to 2018, we’ve been hard at work this last few weeks focussed on delivering a large event for one of our clients in Dallas, USA. Our client in the UK had booked a large exhibition space for a trade show and came to us with a wide and varied set of requirements… 

First up we worked with the team and our delivery partners on the ground in the US to design and assemble a beautiful display system that not only drew the eye in a very busy exhibition hall, but also showcased the product beautifully. 

As anyone who has attended these large scale trade shows know though; there is a lot more work goes into these shows than just turning up to a nice looking booth. In addition to this design and production service, we can handle all aspects of a successful event; from handling all onsite bookings and logistics, to health & safety paperwork and construction clearance. 

Over the past few years we have delivered exhibitions for clients everywhere from Las Vegas to Dallas to London and Amsterdam and have a lot of experience handling these kinds of events for our clients. 

In addition to the operational support in delivering this particular event, we also worked with the client on a number of other crucial tasks including the design and production of new marketing and sales literature for the team on the stand, the sourcing and management of hostesses to work with our team to welcome guests and even designing and delivering a number of email campaigns prior to the event to start booking meetings and potential sales for our client before they even get to the airport. 

To talk to us about your requirements for events and how we might be able to assist – get in touch with us today. We look forward to hearing from you! 



We are back in the office after a great week in Amsterdam last week with the team from SpaceVac International who were in town for the bi-annual interclean show at the RAI exhibition centre.

We were onsite for the week performing a number of roles for the team;

Firstly we arrived a couple of days ahead of the team to assemble the exhibition stand for the week and prepare the stand for the arrival of the sales team. Once the guys arrived onsite, we worked with the team throughout the week covering the event on social media as well as daily email marketing campaigns and other activities throughout the course of the week.

Events like this are a fairly regular occurrence for us at SVCHQ and we look after these large scale shows for a number of clients – taking responsibility and ownership of every aspect of the job from the logistics and preparation to assembly, marketing and merchandising.

The next event we are preparing for in the calendar takes place in Dallas later in the year – we are already hard at work preparing!

If you’ve got an event coming that you require support for in some way – maybe you need last minute merchandising or print assets, or maybe you need to outsource the project wholesale – contact us to talk to us about your requirements today!