Lights Camera Action!

Well for one reason and another we seem to have spent a lot of time behind the camera of late! (Which in fairness is much better for all involved than us being in front of it!)

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Featured Project: SpaceVac USA

When we started working with SpaceVac a couple of years ago, one of the issues that they noted right off the bat, was that without a guiding hand in terms of marketing and branding worldwide, the companies distributors had fallen into a nasty habit of making it all up as they went along.

After working with the team to develop a brand identity and set of visual guidelines that the client loved, we have spent the last 12 months rolling these materials out across the companies estate of distributors worldwide.

Its a project that has presented a number of interesting challenges – between trying to copy-check brochures translated into Japanese, juggling a dozen different production deadlines at any one time and trying to strike a balance between producing materials that meet the needs of the local suppliers and partners as well as our client.

The most recent example of us delivering this kind of support has been the launch of SpaceVac in the United States – which as regular readers of the blog will know is how we ended up in Las Vegas last month.

In addition to providing hands on support and training on the ground to the team in terms of getting set up with marketing and social media activity around the product, we’ve also been hard at work working up a range of project videos, catalogues, brochures and more – including a brand new gorgeous WordPress-powered web solution to help bring the product to market in a sleek looking package. The highlight of the website for us, was a self serve area for distributors to log into and download marketing materials remotely – ensuring that all materials being used are on brand and approved at all times.

You can find some examples of the kind of work we’ve been doing below, or alternatively, get in touch to see how we might be able to assist you deal with these kinds of issues in your business!


Featured Project: SSC Brochure Design

We thought we would share some little sneak peeks of a brochure design we’ve just finished putting together for SpaceVac Specialist Cleaning here in Northampton.

The company, which is a sister company of another client of ours SpaceVac, was looking a bright, impactful brochure to support the launch of its new cleaning division and were really happy with the results.

By opting for this banded approach across the cover, we are planning to utilising some great print finishes like Spot UV to really give the front cover some impact while the textural possibilities on the other sections should result in a gorgeous, tactile piece of print in the end.

We’ll share some photos when they come back from the Printers!


Featured Project: SpaceVac

SpaceVac are a manufacturer of high-level cleaning equipment based in Northampton UK. The company have been a long time client of So Very Creative and we take great pleasure in providing a range of services from marketing consultancy and event support, to website management and social media.

Another area we have worked in for the last few years has been giving SpaceVac a consistent brand identity across its web, print and other areas. This had especially proven to be an issue where international partners and companies had been given free license to do as they pleased!

Firstly, we worked with SpaceVac to identify the core elements of their existing branding that they liked and worked to update and develop them across a wide range of medium.

Once we had established this visual identity, we got to work deploying it across the companies website, printed literature, print adverts and more. We enclose a few examples here of how this work has shaped up over the last few months.

As the company has begun to expand worldwide, we have worked collaboratively with these new partners, to provide locally specific marketing assets all in line with the core SpaceVac branding.


Featured Project: Stanwick Lakes

We’ve enjoyed working alongside the team on the Destination Nene Valley project for a number of years now and we were very happy to be working alongside them last week on a job at Stanwick Lakes in Northamptonshire. 

For a little while now the team onsite have been experiencing issues with the old touchscreen kiosk that was in place and so we were approached to put together a new installation for them to enable their visitors to continue to browse online some of the local attractions and businesses of note. 

You can see a before and after shot of the work on the right hand side here but the first thing we did was to strip out the old foamex panels and replace them with a fresh new set of updated graphics. These large format panels are very easy to install and remove and are really durable – made from a 5mm foamex board. The panels here are in direct sunshine most of the day as well so they are all coated in a specialist UV coating to ensure that the colours and finish don’t fade over time. 

From here, we developed a custom iPad portal for the team which provides a safe and controlled environment for users to browse approved content. In this instance, we opted for the larger screen real estate of the 12.9 iPad pro which is a perfect choice for this kind of install. This was then securely fastened in place in a tamper proof lecturn and all told – we’re very happy with the results. 

This kind of iPad-led approach is a really effective way of providing interactive experiences to customers. The same methodology can also be adapted in so many different ways – data capture and email sign-ups at events for instance, retail stores could play videos or allow online ordering from websites – the possibilities are endless.

Why not get in touch and see how we can help put together something like this for you today!