New Podcast Episodes Out Now!

New Podcast Episodes Out Now!

As you might have noticed elsewhere on the site and across our Social Media feeds of late, we were pleased to announce the launch of our new Podcast series WORLD WIDE WHAT recently…

The podcast has been released to try and help some of the many businesses in the local area and further afield that are currently dealing with their new reality under lockdown. Each episode we sit down with a local business to find out a little more about them, how they’re coping right now and how they are using technology, the web, social media and more to find new customers, engage with their existing audience and keep things moving along.

Over the coming weeks we’ve lined up interviews with a range of experts and local businesses to hopefully provide support and inspiration to individuals and businesses across a range of sectors.

We are currently hard at work editing the next episode (which is due to drop into podcast feeds this week) but there episodes 1 and 2 are available right now in a range of podcasting platforms – including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Play.

In episode one, we sat down with Luke Kennedy from Bright Design – a fantastic SEO and marketing agency here in Northampton, whilst in episode 2 we caught up with Charlene Bent from Ms Campbell UK and Style News UK to find out how shes been keeping things moving along lately for her various fashion and lifestyle brands.

Please be sure to check out the latest episodes and subscribe in your podcast app of choice to keep updated as new episodes drop. Meantime you can also stream the first two episodes using the widgets embedded below: