Adding Live Chat to Your Website

Adding Live Chat to Your Website

One question we get asked a lot by our clients – especially during the recent lockdown period – is “how can we increase the number of leads and enquiries coming into us from our website visitors?”, this week on the blog we look at how Live Chat can help…

Its a pretty good question and one that most businesses will find themselves asking at some point. And for good reason. Whether it be via social media, a referring link or even a call to action in the real world, if you have a potential customer browsing your website you’ve done the hard part. To use an analogy of a real world bricks and mortar shop – the customer is in the building and browsing our product range.

More often than not when visiting a real world shop, one of the best assets at a businesses disposal is their staff – who can instantly answer any questions, provide information to customers and even upsell them and increase revenue for that particular store.. In a digital setting however this experience isn’t always the easiest to replicate – and while businesses can introduce FAQ content, contact boxes and other methods of reaching out to ask questions, this process can often to lead to users drifting away from our website and businesses losing out on this potential sale.

Luckily all is not lost as over recent years, the introduction of live chat technology to allow for instant communication between users and businesses has provided a fantastic mechanism for helping businesses to bridge this gap. Indeed as the use of this technology has become more widespread (a charge led initially by the introduction of this facility to Facebook pages which allowed businesses to make use of this functionality for free within their Facebook pages) users have quickly become accustomed to this facility being available everywhere they go.

Over the last 12 months we’ve assisted a number of businesses locally to introduce this facility to their websites and its a process that’s easier than you think. There are a number of packages available that can be completely customised and added to almost any existing website with the bare minimum of work required.

One system we have been using a lot of late is a system by the name of Tawk. This is a completely free package that seamlessly fits into almost any existing web framework – although a majority of our clients have deployed onto WordPress websites – and even better, it even comes with an app for your smartphone meaning you can even handle live chat enquiries and engage with your clients wherever you are.

Since its introduction a number of clients have seen substantial increased in both the numbers of enquiries being generated from this facility and also the number of sales they are generating from their websites as well.

Just this week we introduced the system for our new friends at Vinyl Coffee in Earls Barton who were looking for a more convenient way to deal with enquiries from their customers. Jason from Vinyl Coffee had this to say: “Just done some online training today with So Very Creative via zoom. Had my new live chat bot installed on my website and was talked through how to use it by the awesome Ben. Great feature & great service.”

If you’d like to talk to us about how we can help you start to make the most of this excellent marketing and customer service opportunity with your clients – please feel free to reach out to us today!