Featured Project: Gutter Devil

I thought I would share a little glimpse here of a work in progress for a new product hitting shelves in 2017 called Gutter Devil. The product – which is aimed squarely at a retail market; available through large DIY chains etc – is designed to enable homeowners to clean out their guttering and drainpipes at home without having to climb up ladders and the like to do so.

We’ve been working with this client for some time now and so have been involved in the development process for this product but whereas previously we had been operating to support the clients B2C operations, we were now faced with developing a new brand aimed at a B2C audience – one fighting for shelf space with the likes of Karcher at that.

After working through a range of names and possible design concepts (Gutter Ninja anyone?!) we eventually settled on the Gutter Devil name and got to work.


With the product not launching to retail until 2017, our brief from the client was to put together some branding elements that could be used to support a soft launch of the product – this included putting together a small holding page, designing some initial print and advertising materials and helping the team to set up and develop a social media presence for the product as well.

Right from the off after settling on a name for the product we knew we wanted to develop a brand that stood out on the shelf as bold and impactful and so making the devil and the hot red colour scheme the complete focus of the materials was key. From there we began working up a whole range of possible applications for the branding – some of which I’ve shared here.

We decided right from the off to employ something of an off-kilter tone of voice – using some well known ‘devil related’ phrases and quotes to build a personality – our first tweet read “Please allow me to introduce myself” and from there we have maintained a playful, mischievous tone of voice to try and capture the imagination of a B2C audience that might be turned off by overtly corporate messaging.

Over the coming months we have got a huge amount of work in front of us including developing point of sale materials for retail stores and much more – I will be sure to share progress here as the campaign develops!

Until next time – don’t forget you can also find more examples of our work by clicking over here, or by connecting with on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook @SoVeryCreative)

  • Development of strong retail friendly brand for print advertising and initial product launch.

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