Friday Freebie #6 – IFTTT

Friday Freebie #6 – IFTTT

From time to time we like to take two minutes to share a range of free resources, tools and apps that we have come across in our day to day work and thought we’d share. We have received no incentive or request to do so – these are just some tools that we use that you might find useful this week we are featuring an app called IFTTT!

This week on the Friday Freebie slot we’ve got a really useful little tool that I recommend to clients time and time again (not least last week during our content marketing workshop with the Nene Valley team) for helping to make their digital marketing a little less of a daunting experience – IFTTT.

IFTTT is a really useful little app that has been knocking around my marketing stack for a long time now. To give it its full title – If This Then That – the app allows users to join up all of their digital services to create really useful and helpful little workflows.

These could be really simple little social media link ups such as

  • Auto-posting your Facebook posts to Twitter
  • Publishing Instagram photos as native photos within Twitter
  • Posting your Tumblr posts to Facebook and Pinterest

…all of which can help you to save hours over the space of a month by not having to republish your content to multiple platforms multiple times. By setting up the right chain of activity within the app (all of which is controlled by a series of really intuitive wizards) you can simplify all of your social media in a few minutes.

The range of possibilities afforded by the app though doesnt stop at social media – the app can also sync up with all kinds of really interesting web services on the backend as well and provide all kinds of other helpful things…

  • Maybe you want a tailored weather report based on the locations saved in your calendar for any given day?
  • Maybe you’d find it useful to have all of your Instagram photos save to a dropbox folder?
  • How helpful would it be if you could automatically collate all of your Google alerts into a handy to filter and navigate spreadsheet saved in your cloud storage folder of choice?!

Well all of these and an infinite amount of other possibilities are genuinely super easy to set up and get to grips with right now. Check it out in your app store of choice and see how you can start getting to grips with it! Alternatively you can find more information at

Let us know in the comments below how youve found new ways to use the app in your day to day work!

In the meantime to see how we can maybe help give you a few eureka moments of your own – get in touch with us today!