Friday Freebie #7 – Notebook

Friday Freebie #7 – Notebook

Every now and again we like to share a little discovery with our followers that we think might be helpful in your day to day lives! We have received no incentive or payment to give these little plugs but we genuinely use these tools and products day to day and thought we would share a few with you here! 

This week on the Friday Freebie blog we are covering a really cool little note taking app that we’ve been getting to grips with this last couple of weeks…

The app itself is called Notebook (duh!) and you can find it in the app store right now for free download. To be clear – we’ve come across loads of these kinds of apps in the past from Evernote upwards and have always found at least one major flaw we that can’t quite look past – invariably seeing us scurrying back to our Marvel Comics Notebook and scrawling illegible notes on its pages!

We’ve been using Notebook though for a couple of weeks now and have found it to be a really useful and crucially – a really workable app. The app doesn’t offer anything groundbreaking in terms of its functionality – it takes notes, photos, to-do lists, audio etc and organises into some really tactile notebook style layouts.

The app syncs across devices seamlessly allowing you to move your work between devices and all told its already saving us hours!

Check it out by searching NOTEBOOK in the app store now!