Digital Marketing Workshop in East Northants

Digital Marketing Workshop in East Northants

A quick heads up to let you know about an exciting event we have coming up in the diary with our friends over at Destination Nene Valley.

January 27th will see the latest in our series of free Digital Marketing workshops that we hold at various intervals during the year to support the businesses from across the local Nene Valley Region.

This particular event runs from 10 until 1 at East Northamptonshire Council in Thrapston, and we are really looking forward to meeting lots of new faces.

The session will hopefully spur lots of new businesses attending and during the course of the session we will be covering a range of topics including looking at some of the prevailing trends and patterns for Digital Marketeers to be aware of, as well as looking at a range of strategies and tools for helping businesses to get the most out of their Digital Marketing mix .

If you are a business located along the Nene Valley and would like to take advantage of this free session – be sure to email