Digital Marketing Webinar

Webinar 2 – Intro to Digital Marketing Pt 1

This week as part of our series of ongoing webinars for the Destination Nene Valley team, we picked up from where we left off last week and kicked off a 2 part pair of webinars entitled Introduction to Digital Marketing.

Like most things Marketing has exploded over the last ten years as technology companies have utilised a proliferation in affordable technology and desire for more meaningful marketing activity – to deliver a range of tools, services and ecosystems that now make up a large part of our marketing mix.

A typical businesses marketing strategy in 2020 might make use of any number of systems and tactics including

  • Running a website
  • Utilising social media
  • Delivering email marketing campaigns
  • Using live chat to drive on page conversions
  • Running a Youtube channel and adding regular video content
  • Creating and sharing a podcast to find new audiences
  • Monitoring and leveraging presence on external platforms like Yelp or AirBnB

As such as marketeers and business owners, its an increasingly complex mix of discreet activity all (hopefully!) working towards an end goal of helping businesses reach their operational goals.

To try and help businesses make the most of this environment, during this weeks webinar we looked at the state of digital marketing in 2020 – and how this has evolved from a fairly crude, linear process 20 years ago, through to the multi-platform relationships businesses now have with their customers in 2020.

In addition we looked at some of the key questions we need to ask ourselves when setting ourselves the task of beginning to develop a marketing strategy as well as looking at some of the key factors that can help to shape a successful strategy right from the off.

Please feel free to download the slides from the webinar by clicking here or alternatively – you can click here to watch the session in full.

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