An Introduction to Podcasts

An Introduction to Podcasts

So if you follow us on Twitter, you might have noticed that we have something of a passion for podcasts. And alliteration it would seem. What amazes us though when we talk to clients and potential clients about podcasts is how many people still don’t know much about them.

With that in mind – and ahead of announcing some really exciting new podcast projects in the coming weeks, we thought we would give you a quick heads up on podcasts; what they are, why we love them and why they can work so well for businesses and brands.

  1. The Basics.

In its simplest form a podcast is a discreet audio file  something akin to a radio show in format. These audio files are most commonly downloaded direct to peoples devices Рphones, iPads etc Рand listened to on demand. Essentially giving podcast fans the chance to curate their own radio station playlist. In addition to specialist apps available for download to stream podcasts through, Apple and Android devices also feature native podcast apps built into the operating software, making getting started searching for podcasts really easy.

There are literally millions of podcasts available on any number of subject from news, comedy, sport, business; literally any subject under the sun!

2. What makes these podcasts cool?

The great thing about podcasts is that – oftentimes – this content is created by independent producers with distinct, unique voices and the result is that the range of shows and voices on offer is oftentimes creative, interesting, fun and different in a way that traditional media can’t be.

What makes podcasts interesting to us is the number of different ways the medium can be used. While restricted of course to just audio, the format supports any number of creative ideas from narrative storytelling, to discussion based shows and anything in between. With podcast audiences growing around the world year on year – this also means that there is an audience out there for even the most niche of topic or singular of vision.

3. How can businesses use Podcasts to promote themselves? 

In truth there are any number of ways that podcasts can be excellent promotional avenues for businesses. Firstly advertising has long been a big part of the podcasting arena. For advertisers, podcasters present a number of opportunities – not least the fact that adverts aren’t easy to skip and are often presented in a way similar to the rest of the podcast which lends an implicit endorsement in a way that PPC ads perhaps can’t.

In addition there are also any number of creative ways that businesses can use podcasts to extend their brand and marketing voice. The medium presents excellent opportunities for businesses to share their stories, connect with customers and share their expertise with a wider audience. Plus the extended nature of podcasts (some can run anywhere from 5 minute snack-sized episode to 2 hour runtimes) means that businesses can explore and expand on their core messages in a way and to a depth that can’t be achieved in a tweet.


In truth, the surface of what can be achieved with podcasting is only just being realised now and we are really excited to be working more in this area over the coming months with a number of exciting podcast projects in the pipeline.

In the meantime, to talk to us about podcasting and how you could look to work in this space to promote your business in some way then please get in touch and talk to us today!

In the meantime – for some inspiration, here are some of our favourite podcasts on the office stereo every week:

  • How I Built This – From NPR, interesting stories from CEOs on how they built some of the world’s biggest companies.
  • Reply All – Random stories from a life on the digital battlefield of the internet. Always a surprising story each week.
  • Social Media Marketing – Something new to be learnt every week. Plus weekly experts from all corners of the digital marketing world.
  • My Favorite Murder – Two Californian ladies taking names, cracking skulls and recounting the world’s finest murder stories. Grizzly in the most deliciously life-affirming way.