A Month in the Life of So Very Creative – July

A Month in the Life of So Very Creative – July

Well as the Summer Holidays get underway we’ve been hard at work here at So Very Creative helping our clients make the most of July! 

As we mentioned in previous blog post, we are currently hard at work with the team at Destination Nene Valley on a new suite of business support materials designed to support the range of businesses up and down the Valley who have been affected by Covid-19 and lockdown through 2020. This is a really exciting project and one that will see us delivering a range of blogs, podcasts, videos and more for businesses across the area.

If you are a business in the Nene Valley area (which is quite a big one – stretching from Peterborough to Northampton) and are interested then be sure to connect with us (@soverycreative) and The Nene Valley team (@_nenevalley) on Twitter for updates on the project as we begin releasing content. If you would like to be a part of the project in some way – please drop us an email to ben@soverycreative.com to chat with us!

Elsewhere on the To-Do list, over the last month we’ve also been hard at work helping the team at SpaceVac gear up for their upcoming relaunch onto the US marketplace. This particular project has got us working across lots of different areas – retooling everything from the companies range of brochures and marketing materials to internal resources and websites, as well as putting together a new app for staff members to make use of around the world.

In addition to the practical part of this project, we are also hard at work with the companies network of 11 manufacturers reps to create and deliver 11 different marketing plans for each group to help them make the most of the opportunity in their states.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, over recent weeks we’ve also been helping our new friends at Vinyl Coffee get to grips with Live chat on their website, crafted social media strategy for a new client joining our ranks later this summer and delivered all sorts of virtual training sessions – helping clients get to up to speed with all sorts of different areas; from adding new content to a WordPress site, setting up a podcast for the first time and even making the most of social media.

Live Chat Vinyl Coffee

Such a varied workload is something that really excites us here at SVC and indeed we often find ourselves learning new skills and tricks on one project that we can take back to our other clients as well! As July comes to a close, we can’t wait to see what challenges our clients have got for us next month. If you need any assistance in the realms of digital marketing, website design, graphic design, print, social media or anything else creative – please be sure to reach out to us and see how we can help today!